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Dryer Repair in Miami

Are you having trouble with your dryer? Sure, it has been part of the household for years- but don’t throw it out just yet….

Dryers just require a bit of maintenance and they will serve you well for many good years. Odds are you just need a quick repair and your dryer will once again be good to go!

Luckily, we here at Appliance Repair Miami Beach are experts at dryer repair. Our technicians are certified, have years of experience and they provide service with a smile. We have vast knowledge in the field of dryers and all appliances.

We service all major dryer brands.


Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your dryer?

Clothes not drying properly

Loud thumping noises

Dryer taking too long to dry

Dryer overheating

Dryer not heating enough

Error codes


For one of these or any other problem-

Give us a call today – So we can repair your dryer and you can regain your peace of mind!

Why Choose All Brands Applience Repair